If you’re stuck with coming up with new ways to use leftovers, here’s a quick list of ideas to get your started:

A protein/starch/vegetable leftover | Cut it into chunks or slices for composed salad (the proper term for things like chicken salad) and add some complimentary herbs, nuts, vegetables and fruits to it. The same can be done by tossing it with rice, greens or pasta.

Shred it finely to add as a accent for something else: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg for omelets, 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites for a frittata, use it with a whole wheat pasta for a quick sauce with olive oil and herbs, or a whole wheat flatbread or other bread for sandwich/flatbread/calzone/wrap.

A liquid leftover | If you made something like pasta sauce or soup, cook a portion down further and add additional flavors so it become more like a stew or sauce, and then see how you could incorporate a protein, whole wheat starch or more vegetables, or use like a sauce to cover chicken or an omelet.

If you made a thick soup like chili, try the opposite effect: turn it into a soup with chicken stock (low sodium), perhaps a wine or spirit (sherry’s one of our favorites, light beer can also work. You’ll known instinctively what will work with the flavors. )

A salad leftover | For green salads with all the trimmings, chop it finely and add to brown rice or whole wheat couscous with a little olive oil. For a composed salad, treat it like you would a protein/starch/vegetable.

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