Russ and WKIO are featured as part of People Magazine’s “Chefs that lost half their size” feature in their annual weight loss issue.

I tend to blur the lines between personal chef and cooking instructor: I delight in cooking for people, but it’s more important to develop cooking as a skill. You don’t need to cook to lose weight any more than you to exercise to lose weight, though both help. But simply cultivating a set of skills that indirectly.

I also am in grateful disbelief my life led me here, which is what kept crossing my mind I spoke with People reporters.

One of the big taboos in obesity is admitting weight loss can be disillusioning, that’s it’s not all a Subway Ad. On the other hand, I’m proof that if you’re willing to embrace and work through those challenges and stay true to your goals and yourself, life can give you much, much better than you ever imagined. I didn’t change my life to deprive myself of joy — I wanted the good stuff. I want that for everybody. Cooking is as much a metaphor for this as a secret weight loss weapon.

Click here for the full PDF featuring a number of chefs doing amazing work: Half Their Size Chefs 2017

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