The Screen Actor’s Guild and The Actors Fund, both supporting the entire creative community, often have official celebrations dotting cities doubling as major creative hubs. Russ worked with a number of volunteers to provide the East-Coast equivalent for the SAG Awards in late January to create an event catering to the creative community most in need. The Screen Actors Guild […]

When people ask where I’m from, it’s an honest a toss-up between the between North Carolina (by birth) and New Orleans (I earned my stripes among the locals the hard way). Even my accent is a hybrid of the two. But if anything marks my standing as a born Eastern North Carolinian, it’s a genetically-engineered love of vinegar. Southern cooking, […]

Russ and WKIO are featured as part of People Magazine’s “Chefs that lost half their size” feature in their annual weight loss issue. I tend to blur the lines between personal chef and cooking instructor: I delight in cooking for people, but it’s more important to develop cooking as a skill. You don’t need to cook to lose weight any […]

When I began WKIO, I wanted to give weight loss discussion two qualities I felt were lacking — depth and creativity. Philsophically, how does such a physical change alter your view of yourself, food, art and spirit? And practically, how can my guests be freer by teaching some introductory flavor pairing principles? Losing 200 pounds taught me magic is under our noses every day. […]

Russ @ The Today Show

Everyone should be on national television at least once to experience professional makeup and hair. Especially in my rough-around-the-edges New Orleans years. I blink and receding hair line. Gone! My experience on The Today Show with Joy Baurer and her team at Joy Baurer Nutrition was amazing; I can’t say I was fond of having my weight loss amount adjusted […]

Russ @ Livin La Vida Low Carb

Russ’ weight loss roots began in low carbohydrate eating, but as he cooked he began to meld two philosophies together: Sure, egg yolks were absolutely low-carb friendly, but any chef will tell you if an ingredient doesn’t add to the flavor you don’t need it. Combining nutrition with culinary principles urged him to remove a few egg yolks when it […]

Chef and author Russ Lane teaches how to fight back against things you can’t punch, in a culture that often lets people like himself slip through the cracks. Though an avid boxing fan, he prefers ingenuity, irreverence and joy as his weapons of choice. Fists are supplemental. What began with a highly personal goal of losing 200 pounds turned into […]

(Originally appeared in Gambit Weekly in New Orleans, Imagine ice cream that doesn’t melt. Meet the meringue’s bold Ecuadorean cousin, the espumilla. Espumillas boast a magical quality in Latin bakeries. Crisp and dry outside, almost marshmallow-like inside, their glamour and sense of fun blows the traditional Southern meringues’ daintiness out of the candy dish. Espumillas take on even more […]

In conjunction with, WKIO began a series of questions and answers featuring a variety of experts on maintenance, science and the life skllls that make a difference. We kick this off with a selection of questions for me from’s At Goal and Maintaining group. Kristza asked: “I would like to hear of cooking techniques that make food look […]

Remember the movie Magnolia? That movie kept insisting “those scenes in movies” show up because they happen. Much the same way, experts grow nervous when someone talks about the double-edged sword of hitting goal and asking yourself ‘Now what?’ So we’ll do it for them: our MRP series catalogues the tricky facets of life after weight loss — because they happen.  Even […]