Braises | Cooking over low heat for many hours, a braise pairs a tough cut of meat such as pork or beef with vegetables and submerges it in wine to slowly break down the meat’s muscle fibers and infuse it with flavor. Deglazing | After cooking on a stove, the bottom of stainless steel pans will be coated with small […]

Pan sauces de-buttered

Pan sauces are boon for livening up otherwise tepid healthy eating and provide a skill to focus while navigating all the “Now whats?” of weight maintenance.  You’re still eating healthfully — just now, hopefully, with a deeper sense of fun. A technique firmly grounded in the use of butter requires a fresh twist, which we’ll explain.  But it’s more than […]

Refreshing Iced Tea For small quantities, prepare as per package directions and pour over ice. For large quantities, prepare concentrate as follows: Bring one quart of cold water to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and add 8-10 teabags per quart of brewed tea desired. Steep 3-5 minutes and pour over remaining cold water. To serve, pour into tall glasses […]

Five thousand years have passed since tea’s medicinal properties were discovered, and from a Western point of view the brew’s come full circle.  Tea’s health benefits are mostly understood. Hell, we Southerners have known iced tea is the nectar of the Gods since, well, since God was a boy.  But that doesn’t mean the healthful brew should be considered purely […]

Maybe you can’t pour it into a glass like you used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pour it into a saute pan. Drinking wine’s long considered a dieting no-no, yet with key techniques cooking with wine provides your dishes substantial flavor boost with minimal nutritional impact. Before we show you how and which techniques, let’s dispel a few […]

Second thoughts …Making Protein Bars Work for You Watch the labels | As protein/nutrition/weight loss bars have increased their market share, the nutrition labels are often a reliable gauge for their intended audience.  For example, a bar with 300/400+ calories are usually meant for bodybuilders and the like.  Under 200 calories head closer to “snack” territory; 200/300 calories function as […]

Distinguishing the components of a dish’s flavor can immediately improve your ability to taste, but now let’s apply those lessons to which ingredients maximize healthful flavor.  See our flavor guide for an overview on different flavors and how they can be applied. It might daunting at first.  The most muscular flavors — sweet and salty — are generally off limits […]

Thai food: found in translation

30-Jan-09 There’s a question I dread that inevitably surges forth, Jaws-like, just to complicate the hell out of any discussion of ethnicity in American dining. I hear the Jaws theme cue after any story about an ethnic restaurant appears. The phone rings, and in my mind I see ocean waves frothing from fresh movement. It’s almost with suspicion and trepidation […]