J. Graham Thomas, one of the investigators of the National Weight Control Registry, still fields calls from journalists asking about “weight maintenance being impossible” statistics. So much for impossibility: Thomas can fire back the 30-plus studies the registry began since its 1994 creation, and an even larger pool of individuals who back up the science with hard-won life experience. Never […]

Dr. Barbara Berkeley constantly explains that weight management isn’t like a balloon; you don’t just deflate to a new body and that’s that.  The process is closer to exchanging a dull piece of latex for a shiny Mylar. Similar, to be sure, but it’s made of different stuff. And she walks her talk.  Aside from sustaining a 20-pound weight loss […]

A growing number of plastic surgeons actually understand the differences between loose skin hanging past your knees and a would-be celebrity nose job. And this is a good thing for those who elect to have the surgery.  The more a doctor or plastic surgeon understands the needs of the post-weight community, the better an experience it will be, says Clinical Plastic […]

Want proof that people can be extraordinary? Here you go. This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting how people adjusted to their weight loss successes and answered “Now what?” for themselves. Weighing more than 200 pounds and two year fresh out of residency, Dr. Evelyn Wells attended her last step class in 2004. Boxy yellow paneling and a […]