Last year I wrote a column about the varying definitions of maintenance used in scientific studies. I followed this up with an illustration using data from contestants on the TV show “The Biggest Loser.” In this second column I arrived at a definition of maintenance as “staying under a BMI of 30, assuming normal body composition.” I recently discovered a research […]

In 2005, researcher Joanne Ikeda wrote that the National Weight Control Registry’s sample size and data methods limit its credibility. What’s more, Ikeda argued even focusing on successful weight maintainers is highly unlikely, and research efforts were better spent elsewhere. “We challenge health professionals to stop focusing on weight loss as if it were a realistic and achievable goal when […]

J. Graham Thomas, one of the investigators of the National Weight Control Registry, still fields calls from journalists asking about “weight maintenance being impossible” statistics. So much for impossibility: Thomas can fire back the 30-plus studies the registry began since its 1994 creation, and an even larger pool of individuals who back up the science with hard-won life experience. Never […]

As of December 23, 2009, with nearly 180 lbs. gone, my BMI is now miraculously in the “healthy” range and under 25.  My weight is under 160 and heading toward 150.  I’m registered for a local half-iron triathlon in July. I can wear tiny clothes again! I’ve made it! Again, for the third time. Breaking the Vicious Cycle The first […]

The comments, veiled criticisms or outright attacks on someone’s weight aren’t exactly news to someone who’s overweight or obese.  But one thing “weight loss success story” tales don’t mention are those comments aren’t banished with the weight loss. You could say the food fights with loved ones simply advance onto a new, slimmer battlefields.  One of Massachusetts resident Carla Marie […]

With the popularity of weight loss surgeries and the surplus of excess skin in its wake, plastic surgery responded by creating an entire sub field called body contouring. The name’s significant, because loose skin isn’t limited to your stomach alone. It also isn’t limited to various bariatric procedures — diet and exercise-focused weight loss, or even pregnancy-related weight loss, benefit […]

I was reading the New York Times the other day and came across an article about the end of dieting and the acceptance of the overweight body.  It went so far as to advocate being “overweight” as an unchangeable and possibly healthier way to live. The bloggers and celebrities who are embracing the fat lifestyle tell us about studies that […]

A growing number of plastic surgeons actually understand the differences between loose skin hanging past your knees and a would-be celebrity nose job. And this is a good thing for those who elect to have the surgery.  The more a doctor or plastic surgeon understands the needs of the post-weight community, the better an experience it will be, says Clinical Plastic […]

Editor’s Note | The first time I wrote about post-weight issues was in 2002 for New York Times Regional Newspapers. This was way before bariatric’s popularity, long before low carb and even before my own permanent weight loss. The editors of that paper graciously allowed me to repost the article to the site. LOSING THE WEIGHT, KEEPING THE PAIN June […]

It is a universal expectation or tradition for freshman in college to gain 15 pounds while they are away at school. With so much freedom and a chance of a new beginning, the typical newbie will do everything they were never allowed to do at home … such as ordering the biggest and most fattening pizza, and finding a party […]