The problem with three-ingredient recipes is one of them almost always includes something maintainers can’t eat — for some it’s carbs, for others it’s saturated fat. Though Rozanne Gold proved this concept wrong with the masterful “Low Carb 1-2-3,” bear in mind Rozanne Gold’s a culinary genius — her recipes could be three ingredients due to the plethora of advanced […]

1 loaf whole wheat baguette 10-12 fresh figs juice of 1/2 orange 6 ounces dark chocolate (recommended: Santander brand Columbian Dark, or any dark chocolate above 70%), broken into small pieces 1/8-1/4 cup low or nonfat Greek yogurt (recommended brand: Fage) sea salt, for garnish Vanilla-Orange oil, for drizzling Preheat oven to 350 F and preheat grill to medium heat.  […]

Weight loss isn’t purely a numbers game. In losing weight, we learned how to manage structured, measured eating. Learning that organized eating at all — and then finding ways to practice that skill long term — are two different skillsets. Even if you use low-fat, low-carb, paleo-friendly, etc. ingredients, if you’re still thinking about the same foods that got you […]

More substantial than a salsa and more lively than a salad, this Red Grape & Avocado Salad sits sublimely in the middle. It’s also substantial, elevating a simple garnish for stews, fish or chicken into a main course unto itself. Composed salads of this nature are the bedrock of maintenance eating: family ingredients throw in new combinations and put to […]

I hate to shift into Marie Antoinette mode, but “Let them debate sweet, savory and macro-nutrient ratios.” I’d rather have fun making all three my plaything. Chocolate, cherries, piccante heat and earthy pork combine for consistently show-stopping dish six years going strong. As the years passed, we’ve served this with a number of variations: combined with vegan black-bean noodles for […]

Another WKIO classic from five years ago, this sauce is a mash-up of Russ’ Eastern North Carolinian heritage with two of the most overpowered (and over-publicized) flavors. For those unfamiliar, Eastern North Carolina sauces are vinegar-based, often used as a mop for slow roasted pork. Skipping high-sugar tomato-based sauces entirely, I was able to introduce new flavors to update a […]

If you’re stuck with coming up with new ways to use leftovers, here’s a quick list of ideas to get your started: A protein/starch/vegetable leftover | Cut it into chunks or slices for composed salad (the proper term for things like chicken salad) and add some complimentary herbs, nuts, vegetables and fruits to it. The same can be done by […]

Braises | Cooking over low heat for many hours, a braise pairs a tough cut of meat such as pork or beef with vegetables and submerges it in wine to slowly break down the meat’s muscle fibers and infuse it with flavor. Deglazing | After cooking on a stove, the bottom of stainless steel pans will be coated with small […]

Pan sauces de-buttered

Pan sauces are boon for livening up otherwise tepid healthy eating and provide a skill to focus while navigating all the “Now whats?” of weight maintenance.  You’re still eating healthfully — just now, hopefully, with a deeper sense of fun. A technique firmly grounded in the use of butter requires a fresh twist, which we’ll explain.  But it’s more than […]

This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting how people adjusted to their weight loss successes and answered “Now what?” for themselves. Wayne Vandenlangenberg will step on the scale on a special live broadcast of The Biggest Loser Couples on Tuesday.  Weighing himself is common practice since he woke from a coma and resolved himself to weigh something, to be […]