The problem with three-ingredient recipes is one of them almost always includes something maintainers can’t eat — for some it’s carbs, for others it’s saturated fat. Though Rozanne Gold proved this concept wrong with the masterful “Low Carb 1-2-3,” bear in mind Rozanne Gold’s a culinary genius — her recipes could be three ingredients due to the plethora of advanced […]

Another WKIO classic from five years ago, this sauce is a mash-up of Russ’ Eastern North Carolinian heritage with two of the most overpowered (and over-publicized) flavors. For those unfamiliar, Eastern North Carolina sauces are vinegar-based, often used as a mop for slow roasted pork. Skipping high-sugar tomato-based sauces entirely, I was able to introduce new flavors to update a […]

I hate to shift into Marie Antoinette mode, but “Let them debate sweet, savory and macro-nutrient ratios.” I’d rather have fun making all three my plaything. Chocolate, cherries, piccante heat and earthy pork combine for consistently show-stopping dish six years going strong. As the years passed, we’ve served this with a number of variations: combined with vegan black-bean noodles for […]