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You hear of “success stories” permanently regaining or give up on maintaining altogether. Almost as if expected. Regardless of diet method, these women and men beat the odds, on their terms. These are there stories of how they moved forward and what they encountered in life, post-weight.

Chef and author Russ Lane teaches how to fight back against things you can’t punch, in a culture that often lets people like himself slip through the cracks. Though an avid boxing fan, he prefers ingenuity, irreverence and joy as his weapons of choice. Fists are supplemental. What began with a highly personal goal of losing 200 pounds turned into […]

Today Wayne Vandenlangenberg is stepping on his first plane ride to begin his adventures with The Biggest Loser Couples episode on Tuesday. On Friday, Second Helping Online broke the story of Wayne’s success and his TV appearance. We figured an update is in order. Leading up to the event, Wayne went shopping with his family to find ‘slimming clothes,” at […]

This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting how people adjusted to their weight loss successes and answered “Now what?” for themselves. Wayne Vandenlangenberg will step on the scale on a special live broadcast of The Biggest Loser Couples on Tuesday.  Weighing himself is common practice since he woke from a coma and resolved himself to weigh something, to be […]

During my weight loss experience I had gained such control over what I put into my mouth that it was hard for me not to try and control what the people around me were eating as well. At one point I had drastically cut down what I would allow myself to consume …no cheese …limited breads and pastas …no chocolate […]

It has occurred to me in previous columns, I like to point out contrasts.  This region is fatter than this region and here are a couple of reasons why, this is how I felt before and here’s how I’m different now — change, change, change. In many ways, it has been great writing about all of these differences and feeling […]

Dr. Barbara Berkeley constantly explains that weight management isn’t like a balloon; you don’t just deflate to a new body and that’s that.  The process is closer to exchanging a dull piece of latex for a shiny Mylar. Similar, to be sure, but it’s made of different stuff. And she walks her talk.  Aside from sustaining a 20-pound weight loss […]

The comments, veiled criticisms or outright attacks on someone’s weight aren’t exactly news to someone who’s overweight or obese.  But one thing “weight loss success story” tales don’t mention are those comments aren’t banished with the weight loss. You could say the food fights with loved ones simply advance onto a new, slimmer battlefields.  One of Massachusetts resident Carla Marie […]

I was reading the New York Times the other day and came across an article about the end of dieting and the acceptance of the overweight body.  It went so far as to advocate being “overweight” as an unchangeable and possibly healthier way to live. The bloggers and celebrities who are embracing the fat lifestyle tell us about studies that […]

Jeff Neubauer’s first weight loss experience involved him installing a treadmill in his kitchen, losing 50 pounds and finished his first marathon in 5:25 time — at 12.5 minutes per mile for 26 miles, that’s not bad for a rookie that never ran. It was a victory to be sure, but not one that provided a lasting life-altering experience on […]

Want proof that people can be extraordinary? Here you go. This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting how people adjusted to their weight loss successes and answered “Now what?” for themselves. Weighing more than 200 pounds and two year fresh out of residency, Dr. Evelyn Wells attended her last step class in 2004. Boxy yellow paneling and a […]