When people ask where I’m from, it’s an honest a toss-up between the between North Carolina (by birth) and New Orleans (I earned my stripes among the locals the hard way). Even my accent is a hybrid of the two. But if anything marks my standing as a born Eastern North Carolinian, it’s a genetically-engineered love of vinegar. Southern cooking, […]

Russ and WKIO are featured as part of People Magazine’s “Chefs that lost half their size” feature in their annual weight loss issue. I tend to blur the lines between personal chef and cooking instructor: I delight in cooking for people, but it’s more important to develop cooking as a skill. You don’t need to cook to lose weight any […]

Chef and author Russ Lane teaches how to fight back against things you can’t punch, in a culture that often lets people like himself slip through the cracks. Though an avid boxing fan, he prefers ingenuity, irreverence and joy as his weapons of choice. Fists are supplemental. What began with a highly personal goal of losing 200 pounds turned into […]