Russ and WKIO are featured as part of People Magazine’s “Chefs that lost half their size” feature in their annual weight loss issue. I tend to blur the lines between personal chef and cooking instructor: I delight in cooking for people, but it’s more important to develop cooking as a skill. You don’t need to cook to lose weight any […]

When I began WKIO, I wanted to give weight loss discussion two qualities I felt were lacking — depth and creativity. Philsophically, how does such a physical change alter your view of yourself, food, art and spirit? And practically, how can my guests be freer by teaching some introductory flavor pairing principles? Losing 200 pounds taught me magic is under our noses every day. […]

Russ @ The Today Show

Everyone should be on national television at least once to experience professional makeup and hair. Especially in my rough-around-the-edges New Orleans years. I blink and receding hair line. Gone! My experience on The Today Show with Joy Baurer and her team at Joy Baurer Nutrition was amazing; I can’t say I was fond of having my weight loss amount adjusted […]

Russ @ Livin La Vida Low Carb

Russ’ weight loss roots began in low carbohydrate eating, but as he cooked he began to meld two philosophies together: Sure, egg yolks were absolutely low-carb friendly, but any chef will tell you if an ingredient doesn’t add to the flavor you don’t need it. Combining nutrition with culinary principles urged him to remove a few egg yolks when it […]