“Fun Size” WKIO: When triaging in the trenches of post-weight living, I’m here with a first aid kit and a bowl of (determined) sunshine.

Most people don’t serve a King Sized candy bar at Halloween, but usually grab the “Fun Size” for a quick bite. A running theme at WKIO is selecting the right tool for the job when both “the right tool” and the problem at hand can be illusive. No one said weight maintenance was easy, but we are determined to make it fun anyway.

So we poked fun at Halloween Candy and created a “Fun Size” WKIO to enable a quick hit of can-do spirit combined with laser-focused problem solving. This can apply to cooking, troubleshooting your existing weight maintenance strategy or simply determining a next step when you’re not sure of one.

Why should overly sugary candy be the only thing “Fun Size?”

Fun Size WKIO sessions are more than a mere consultation for my involved services; they’re triage for acute issues — the more detail instruction package addresses chronic challenges. Most often they can include referrals to services I don’t offer nor affiliate with — Fun Size WKIO is all about selecting the right tool for the job.

These sessions can occur in person in the greater NYC area, or over phone and Skype and are usually supplemented by e-mail.

Though the session lasts about an hour, in preparation I may have some questions along the way to make sure the most mileage is addressed in the least time.


$100. Travel available by request in the greater NYC area. Otherwise phone calls are recording over a conference line for later reference. To register yourself or a loved one, click the image or here, and feel free to send questions to info@wekeepitoff.com.