In the face of overwhelming science encouraging low expectation, it helps to learn how to Fight for the Good Stuff.

It’s one thing to be “peppy.” It’s another to be relentlessly solution-minded and positive when you’re up against a goal deemed near miraculous by science or social expectation. If dieting teaches you how to be “normal” (as loaded a term as that is), maintaining teaches you how to be a superhero.

Or rather, that’s what Russ teaches. If we can’t find the joy in your cooking and living, we’ll make some together. We fight for the good stuff here at WKIO.

Our most accomplished clients are past the initial questions that plague early dieters — they’ve skipped “motivation” and “goal setting” and are focused on Making It Work — goal execution as opposed to goal setting. If every diet program is akin to a bachelor’s degree, WKIO is weight loss graduate school.


Our instruction is divided into three programs:


Rabbit Food for Lions: Making Health Food Interesting and Realistic at Home

Post-Fat Boot Camp


“Fun Size” WKIO