Whether it’s instructional or more festive in nature, WKIO creates health events with both tireless attention and a sense of whimsy

We’re a lot more than just “fabulous recipes.”

Turns out the lessons learned from life after weight loss are in demand: the combination of tireless planning, forward thinking and a sense of joy — no matter what — render even the most complicated of events painless.

Cooking demonstrations, catering, health expos, entertainment events and lectures — whether they be in a social setting, medical setting or among clinicians — all fall under WKIO’s radar. Past clients have included some of the oldest diet companies in the country in addition to HIV nonprofits, entreprenuer association and farmer’s markets.

“Working with Russ was a true delight. Russ has mastered the art of sustainable weight loss by combining complex flavors into simple, easy to create dishes that are delicious and healthy.  He has a powerful influence over foodies, weight maintainers and those aspiring for a healthier life … His enthusiasm is contagious.”

— Valerie Dickerson MS RD LDN, The Structure House, Durham NC

Our events feature:

Balsamic-glazed peppers stuffed with cheese or sweet potato

Food demos with simple ingredients work best to explain complex flavor principles. Balsamic Rellenos — roasted mini peppers with a cilantro-balsamic glaze in lieu of frying, alternately filled with cheese or sumac-kissed sweet potato — are an example.

  • Versatility galore | Because WKIO has equal parts in experience with events, entertainment, restaurant work and evidence-based weight solutions, we can account for a number of different needs. You require an event needing cooking demos, gift bags from vendors and a lecture panel, with Web and Eventbrite integration —  WKIO is cross-trained.
  • “I’ve never done an event and not be exhausted at the end of it.” | In anything we do, making good food is not enough for WKIO — we shatter expectation and bring something largely missing from diet food but common among high-end chefs — visions turned into painless reality.

    Reactions like these are why we do what we do.

  • “A breath of fresh air.” | People think our stories are “inspirational.” It’s another matter to witness the work of inspirational people. When we institute events under budget, and an hour ahead of schedule, and maintain a pleasant attitude about it all, “inspirational” turns into “impressed.”
  • “I don’t know why I never thought of that before.” | WKIO’s guiding principle is to explain and show how weight loss and maintaining are two different skills, and provide a glimpse into living a life in which weight loss is the smallest chapter in their “success story.” Public speaking topics provokes thought and discussion in a lively, powerful manner.

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