This is Graduate-level weight loss.

You lost weight. Now what? Scientific research has only come so far in answering that question. So Russ helps you answer those answers for yourself.

Only 6 percent of those who lose weight keep it off, but what do those 6 percent do differently from the rest? And of those 6 percent, how many enjoy what they do to keep it off?

When you get a new body, especially in this society, you get a new life. More than that, if there’s a chief difference between weight loss and weight maintenance, it’s that diets implicitly involve someone or something telling you what to do. Until more research makes the process clearer, maintaining’s about forging ahead on your terms into foreign territory. After you worked mind, soul and body to hit goal, we want you to have everything in life you imagined and more. That doesn’t necessarily happen with a diet plan and a burpee.

So our boot camp is much different. Our sessions A) help you determine a plan to keep weight off, backed by cross-referencing intelligent research with 10 years worth of interviews of exposing existing maintiner’s hard-earned wisdom B) enjoy the process and C) forge ahead on your terms, not those dictated by a weight loss method.

While science better defines what makes maintainers like us work, we’re here to help you reach the next level dieting on its own doesn’t solve — the rest of your life.

“I love all this reflection you’re doing about a subject that most people just break into hives about!”
Susie Bright, “Full Exposure”

“There are many people talking about weight loss, but very few who have successfully accomplished it. Russ Lane has a unique voice. He’s someone who has lost weight, kept it off, and wants to share his knowledge. His determination to help others stay at the new weight they’ve achieved is both admirable and valuable.”
Barbara Berkeley, “Refuse to Regain: 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You’ve Gained”

Our program features:

“I lost X pounds, and I’m trying to keep it off and your best advice is continuing the same things the same way!?” Maintaining has different challenges from weight loss, so the solutions are different, too.

  • The Signifance and Mechanics | An extremely detailed analysis of your eating, exercise and life habits, identifying key skills not necessary for dieting but essential for maintaining. And retooling your self-care plan in accordance with the challenges ahead of you, not merely repeating your victory in dieting.
  • Field trips! | WKIO does in-the-trenches work at clothing stores, home decor, hobbies. These excursions are more Retail Remedy than Retail Therapy — the most pragmatic extension of changing your life, and surprisingly difficult for many who take it on alone. If you have a panic attack trying new clothes in new sizes, or need a push to create the artists studio you dreamed of but put off, rest assured I’m right there with you.
  • All the things the Subway Ads don’t tell you | We thoroughly dismantle the “You can’t just change your diet you have to change your lifestyle” cliche. What does “change your lifestyle” actually mean for your relationships or your loose skin? Not every consequence of weight loss is positive, but those challenges are not insurmountable or an excuse to give up.
  • “Make Your Own Maintenance Plan” |We compile and condense, progress, adjustments, goals and new activities into your very own Maintenance Plan at the end of the series.  Our plan will help you avoid the pitfalls for the 94 percent and be the 6 percent that defy low expectation — on your terms and with joy.


$300/session, including transportation in the greater NYC area and basic maintaining tools. Does not include cost of home redecoration, wardrobe purchases or referrals to other services. Sessions are conducted in-home and electronically.

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