Rabbit Food for Lions: Making Health Food Interesting and Realistic at Home.

Yes, they made it all by themselves.

I did not lose 200 pounds — while food writing and eventually becoming a chef in my own right, mind you — to suffer more. And if the “you are what you eat” cliche is true, I wanted my food to be as invigorating and engaging as the rest of post-weight life . I want yours to be, too.

Often considered by clients the missing link between training, medical supervision and nutrition, our package of cooking instruction doesn’t teach you how to make a stock or filet a fish. Rather, we combine your dietary needs, your previous eating preferences and your living responsibilities. Then, we introduce new organizational methods, new flavors and techniques that are simple — but not stupid.

Our intrepid adventurers before our series began. The results and the food speak for themselves.

In other words, if you’ve fought with food all your life, we teach you how turn the tables and make food do what you say. In the process, we instill skills that pull together your existing weight loss team and regimen.

“Russ Lane proves that a real diet is about understanding, respecting, and truly enjoying high-quality, well-made real food. By
paradoxically merging the world of foodies and dieters, he’s found the sweetest of sweet spots for which everyone has been longing.”
| Anne Bramley, “Eat Feed Autumn Winter: 30 Ways to Celebrate When the Mercury Drops”


Our program features

    • A gradual cooking series that teaches you what you need to know in the kitchen without the fuss: practical knife skills and safety concerns. As for the rest, we customize programming to your current cooking skill level.

In-home instruction and a smooth segueway from me feeding you to you feeding you.

  • Concepts to Beat the Odds The simplest way to create improbable results is taking a slightly different approach from the doom-and-gloomers. We lay out the blueprint for Achieving the Highly Unlikely.
  • When cooking is more than about cooking Learning cooking as a skill and also a metaphor for joyous, high-octane living pulls many existing intervention methods (personal training, nutrition) together.
  • Flavor vs. Food Understanding the nuances of flavor — often overlooked amid “food” cravings — is a secret weapon to perking up dull health food.
  • Simple-Not-Stupid Recipes Sophisticated home cooking need not be expensive or require rare ingredients — embracing specialty markets should be an adventure, not a requirement.
  • Your own cookbook: Customized notes reiterating in-session concepts and recipes from each sessions are included in the package. You walk away from Rabbit Food for Lions with a combination of flavors you love and recipes for how to work with them in your kitchen.
  • Your  own version of “Chopped” Fulfill your celebrity chef fantasies. Our final sessions involve bringing surprise  ingredients and applying the skills you learned.


$300/session, which includes food costs and transportation within the Greater NYC area. Outside travel negotiated separately.

Sessions take place at pre-scheduled visits in your home and average 1.5 hours-2 hours. Cost is valid for up to 2 people: Click this link or the image to the right to sign up or refer a friend.

For questions, email info@wekeepitoff.com for try our inquiry form.